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ZeroBrane Studio IDE

A lightweight Lua-based IDE for Lua with code completion, syntax highlighting, live coding, remote...

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Glyph Designer

Glyph Designer is the ultimate bitmap font tool designed specifically for Mac. Create beautiful...

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TexturePacker is a GUI and command line tool to create sprite sheets or sprite atlases! Without...

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PhysicsEditor is a GUI tool to create collision shapes within seconds! Without specifying any...

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Particle Candy

Particle Candy is an extremely flexible yet simple and straightforward to use particle engine...

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Widget Candy

Widget Candy is a lightning fast, professional GUI extension to add all kind of graphical user...

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Ads (39)

Enabling Gideros to work with different Ad Networks and display other kind of ads

Algorithms (31)

Different algorithms implemented for easier use on complex tasks

Analytics (12)

Any libraries that could help you analyze your users and their actions

Animations (11)

Tools that help you create animation and/or play them inside your apps

Audio (3)

Recording, playback and anything else related to audio data generation and manipulation

Compression (1)

Compressing and decompressing different kinds of data

Configuration (1)

Tools that help you configure your apps by providing and managing settings and configurations

Cryptography (6)

All about encryption, decryption and security of your apps

Debug (1)

Tools that will help you debug your apps easier and faster

Feedback (5)

All the tools that provide a way for your app users to leave a feedback

File Manipulations (2)

All from persistent storing to simple file manipulations.

Graphics (16)

Images, graphs, colors, everything for displaying, improving and manipulating graphics

IDE (4)

All development environments that can run Gideros

Level design (5)

Tools that will help you create, design, integrate and handle levels in Gideros

Localization (6)

Helping integrate support for multiple languages

Math (6)

Mathematical calculations, transformations and matrices

Networking (1)

Enabling Gideros apps to communicate with each other or remote hosts over the network

Physics (3)

All around box2d (and not only) physics - wrappers, additions and physics editors

Social networking (11)

Any integration with social networking systems as "like", share and more

Templates (6)

Gideros templates to help you get going without starting from scratch

Testing (5)

All the utilities for testing Gideros apps, testing logic, user interface, etc.

Text Processing (3)

Tools that are working with texts for different kind of purposes

Time and Date (1)

All the tools that deal with time and date and their multiple formats

User Input (5)

Provides the way for all kind of user data inputs

User Interface (24)

Enhancing your user interface with ready to use components

Utilities and Tools (19)

General purpose utilities and tools unfitted in any other category

Visual Effects (9)

All the kinds of visual effects, from eye candy to breath taking animations

Web services (37)

Tools that extend Gideros by providing functionalities of all kind of webservices

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