Widget Candy

About Widget Candy

Type: Lua module
License: €39.95
Supported platforms:


  • User Interface
  • Utilities and Tools
  • User Input

Widget Candy is a lightning fast, professional GUI extension to add all kind of graphical user interfaces to your apps and games. Add buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, sliders, scrolling lists, wrapping texts, text labels, input texts, on/off switches -and even draggable windows- all with a few lines of code!

Code example:

		name            = "MyButton1",
		x               = "right",
		y               = "auto",
		width           = "40%",
		parentGroup     = nil,
		theme           = "MyTheme1",
		caption         = "I am a button!",
		textAlign       = "center",
		icon            = 15,
		onRelease       = function() print("I was tapped!") end,
		} )

Widget Candy video