John Blackburn

@john26 Kickstarter campaign management, Windows RT and Windows Phone platforms.

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Point Core SAS

@hgy29 3D feature implementation, OpenGL2 transfer, drawing api enhancements and performance optimizations

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Marcelo da Silva Junior

@marceloJunior Desktop exports using QT. Gideros Player and Gideros Studio improvements

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Atilim Cetin

@atilim Coded everything from scratch, can answer any question about Gideros code.

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Arturs Sosins

@ar2rsawseen Community and repository management, Developing plugins, helping out others maintainers.

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Anthony Ball

@SinisterSoft Lua API additions, Testing, constant poking about new features :)

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@tkhnoman Desktop support and different enhancements for desktop exports on MacOS and Windows.

Nikolay Yevstakhov

@n1cke Gideros Studio enhancements including theming option and lots of themes.

Antonio Calatrava

@acalatrava Apple TV support as additional target in iOS export and work arounds for Apple TV storages.

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