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Gideros AceSlide class creates a sliding element to switch different objects. Great for providing and input to choose levels or packages in mobile games. You can navigate through objects by using provided function or allowing users to drag and...

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AnchorSprite adds anchor support to the built-in Sprite. All position, rotation and scale operations will happen relative to the set anchor point instead of to the origin (0,0). The default anchor point is (0,0) so unless you change it, Sprites will...

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Button class implements two states of button, making your buttons more responsive : standard statepushed state Another great feature is that it implements click event, which executes only for this button. By default mouse interaction events are...

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The ColorPicker control lets users select a color from a drop-down swatch panel.

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Display library extends some of the basic Gideros classes like Sprite, Mesh, etc. with additional functionality. Provided Classes • Container [Extends Sprite] • Image [Extends Container] • Mesh [Extends original Gideros Mesh with...

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Expanding Slices like the Path App

This creates a set of items on screen like the Path app does to display a menu/option of tasks.

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Fancy Progressbar

This is a fanciful Progressbar that you can use in your Gideros projects for a nice looking progressbar.

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Flip Image Viewer

This is source code that creates an image viewer with a fancy visual effect flip an image up to go to the next image, flip the image down to go to the previous image.

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FloodIt - Source Code

This is the source code for a sample game written in Gideros Studio like "Flood-It". This game is available for Exclusive use by someone that can add features like multi-player, achievements, etc. For those that want it to study and base their...

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Gideros BubbleChat

This is to create bubblechat like used in iMessenger or the SMS application on the iOS. Creating a new bubble is as easy as simply setting the size required. a screenshot can be seen at

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Graph Control

This is the Graph custom control that can be used in any of your Gideros Projects, pass it a set of data and voila, you get a Bar Graph that is interactive (if required)

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Kinetic Zoom Camera

This implements a camera class that allows the user to drag and zoom a virtual camera. It works basically by having child elements that are bigger than the view size of the given device. There isn't really a camera that moves, rather it just moves...

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Progressbar is a Gideros class, which allows to create progress bars using Shape objects (including images). You can also set texts for the progress bar. Progressbar also provides a set/get methods, which allows you to animate it using GTween...

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This is the Gideros implementation of PullToRefresh module.

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Gideros Share object provides a way to put share button for popular social portals in your Gideros app. You can provide URL to your app website or market/appstore link and proposed title for your app users to share Currently this class...

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Slide Color Picker is an easy to use color detection tool. Example of using convert color functions.

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Sliding View

This is the Gideros adaptation of the commonly used ui effect of a sliding view that uncovers the details underneath. More than a control this can be used for understanding the idea behind implementing this and can be used in your wn apps

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Gideros StarRating provides a way to display rating using stars or any other custom image, or provide an input for users to rate your app/content. Package contains StarRating.lua and example Gideros application project.

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Table View

Want a native tableView to use in your applications? One that looks and works the same be it Android or the iOS? Then TableView is the one for you. It works on any platform that Gideros may support and sport the same look and feel as it is made with...

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Widget Candy

Widget Candy is a lightning fast, professional GUI extension to add all kind of graphical user interfaces to your apps and games. Add buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, sliders, scrolling lists, wrapping texts, text labels, input texts, on/off...

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