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Flip Image Viewer

This is source code that creates an image viewer with a fancy visual effect flip an image up to go to the next image, flip the image down to go to the previous image.

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FloodIt - Source Code

This is the source code for a sample game written in Gideros Studio like "Flood-It". This game is available for Exclusive use by someone that can add features like multi-player, achievements, etc. For those that want it to study and base their...

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So here is a template for Gideros Mobile, that I'm using for my games, all you need is your own graphics (I've mostly used graphics from Gideros Examples, or modified them a bit), your own sounds (sounds currently used are from Gideros Assets pack...

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Quiz Template

This is a drag drop quiz template for Gideros, it is simple and explains how to implement Drag and Drop in a Game/Quiz type module.

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