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Ace Snow

Gideros Ace Snow object creates a falling snowflake effect for your application window. It is possible to set quantity and speed of flakes, and also provide image of custom snowflake. This object also provides methods to start or stop snowing and...

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Flip Image Viewer

This is source code that creates an image viewer with a fancy visual effect flip an image up to go to the next image, flip the image down to go to the previous image.

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Gideros Grid9 control

This helps you create graphics in Gideros that can be scaled without distorting the same using the technique called Grid9 or 9Grid.

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Graph Control

This is the Graph custom control that can be used in any of your Gideros Projects, pass it a set of data and voila, you get a Bar Graph that is interactive (if required)

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Gideros Lightning object draws a randomly generated lightning with glow effect from x and y coordinates, to other x and y coordinates. You can also specify lightning bolt color, width, lightning glow color, width, detalization level and...

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Particle Candy

Particle Candy is an extremely flexible yet simple and straightforward to use particle engine library to create all imaginable stuff of special effects in your games like smoke, trails, fire, explosions, debris, flares, dust, clouds, shots, light...

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Sliding View

This is the Gideros adaptation of the commonly used ui effect of a sliding view that uncovers the details underneath. More than a control this can be used for understanding the idea behind implementing this and can be used in your wn apps

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TNT Particle Engine Visual Editor / GUI

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