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AnchorSprite adds anchor support to the built-in Sprite. All position, rotation and scale operations will happen relative to the set anchor point instead of to the origin (0,0). The default anchor point is (0,0) so unless you change it, Sprites will...

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GTween is a light-weight instance oriented tween engine. This means that you instantiate tweens for specific purposes, and then reuse, update or discard them. This is different than centralized tween engines where you "register" tweens with a global...

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Particle Candy

Particle Candy is an extremely flexible yet simple and straightforward to use particle engine library to create all imaginable stuff of special effects in your games like smoke, trails, fire, explosions, debris, flares, dust, clouds, shots, light...

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Scene Manager

SceneManager class provides and easy way to manage scenes in Gideros. Manage memory between scenes - adding and removing objects. And even provide different kind of animations for scene transitions Each scene should be a simple Sprite element,...

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TNT Particle Engine Visual Editor / GUI

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