Gideros team is committed to maximizing usability of Gideros Studio, refining and enhancing the core API set, creating a modern, complete mobile game development environment for many mobile devices. We are committed to provide a roadmap and update the community while we work on feature enhancements, fixes and improvements on major functional and architectural parts. The roadmap is revised occasionally, and your suggestions will help shape the roadmap items.

Checkout Gideros Labs for latest projects and additions


  • - Render to texture (completed)
  • - 16-bit textures (4444, 565, 5551) (completed)
  • - Shaders (work in progress)
  • - Isometric tilemaps (available in Gideros Labs)
  • - Tilemap render order (top->bottom, bottom->top, left->right, right->left)
  • - Alternating tilemap row/column positions
  • - Clipping
  • - Antialiasing of Shapes
  • - Rendering optimization
  • - Precise hitTestPoint test


  • - Audio recording (completed)
  • - New sound engine

Native UI

  • - Native Android bridge (work in progress)
  • - Native IOS bridge (work in progress)
  • - Common native UI library (work in progress)


  • - Export from command line (completed)
  • - Asynchronous loading of assets
  • - iCloud (iOS)
  • - Custom error callbacks
  • - LuaJIT integration
  • - Case sensitive check of Filenames
  • - Ant Build Files
  • - Multiple stages with multiple OpenGL contexts (AirPlay)



Do you have a good feature in mind? Just write us, and please be specific about your idea. You can also send your comments directly to our forum. We value your feedback!