Status: Stable

Version: 1.2

Supported platforms:


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What's new?

version 1.2
OUYA Layer fixed problems with left stick navigation
OUYA Layer implemented directional navigation

About OUYA

This is an attempt to implement OUYA support for Gideros. Right now it is used as plugin, but after making it work properly, most probably it will be implemented as additional platform in Gideros.
This plugin will allow you to use OUYA controller and provide OUYA in-app system.


Copy libs folder into your exported project
Copy src folder into your exported project
Load plugin library in main Activity: System.loadLibrary("ouya");
Add external class: "com.giderosmobile.android.plugins.ouya.GOuya"
Add to AndroidManifest intent-filter tag
Modify Main activity as described in installation instructions provided with plugin

Code example:

require "ouya"

ouya:addEventListener(Event.KEY_DOWN, function(e)
	if e.keyCode == KeyCode.BUTTON_DPAD_DOWN then
		print("KeyDown BUTTON_DPAD_DOWN")
	elseif e.keyCode == KeyCode.BUTTON_DPAD_LEFT then
		print("KeyDown BUTTON_DPAD_LEFT")
	elseif e.keyCode == KeyCode.BUTTON_DPAD_RIGHT then
		print("KeyDown BUTTON_DPAD_RIGHT")
	elseif e.keyCode == KeyCode.BUTTON_DPAD_UP then
		print("KeyDown BUTTON_DPAD_UP")

OUYA video