Welcome to Gideros Labs

Gideros labs is the place where we share couple of projects, plugins (and in future maybe even middle releases) behind the scene, which are not yet made it to a latest public release.

You can read more about Gideros Labs in announcement post.

Projects are categorized in three statuses:
  • Experiment - you can only use it to play with it, do not use for production
  • Beta - everything seems to work, but needs more thorough testing (you can use it for production at your own risk)
  • Stable - this is production ready and could be included in next release, and you can use it right now

Ads Interface

Status: Stable v1.7

The idea is to provide common Ads interface for most of available ad frameworks, so that user's would not have to create a plugin for each of them separately, but rather it would be possible to wrap ad framework in single Java or Objective-C class...

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Status: Beta v0.4

Controller interface allows you to use most popular controllers on all supported operating systems under the same interface. Internally Controller Interface also matches all buttons and controller behavior under the same scheme so you won't have...

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Status: Beta v0.6

It is a Facebook plugin for Android and IOS, using latest Facebook SDK

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Gaming Interface

Status: Beta v0.55

Abstracting most popular gaming APIs in same interface, as leaderboards, achievements, cloud saves and later even multiplayer.

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Gideros Developer Preview

Status: Experiment v2.0.0 alpha 1

Giders Developer Preview Version that has been transfered to OpenGL ES 2.0 Currently it has shader support through the use of glsl language provided to Effect class. And this Effect class can currently be applied to Mesh class objects...

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Status: Stable v1.0

GiderosCodingEasy is a framework for Gideros providing lots of additional stuff that Gideros by itself does not provide. Starting from anchorpoints for any Sprite and Sprite inherited project, up to master volume, shape primitives, method chaining...

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Status: Stable v1.0

This plugin can help you integrate Giftiz SDK with your app. It wraps all Giftiz SDK functionality and also provides a lua class to easily create Giftiz button in Gideros. This GiftizButton class will manage all the button state updates and clicks...

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Google Licensing

Status: Stable v1.2

Google Play offers a licensing service that lets you enforce licensing policies for applications that you publish on Google Play. With Google Play Licensing, your application can query Google Play at run time to obtain the licensing status for the...

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Google Play Services

Status: Beta v0.91

Plugin for Google Play Services to manage achievements, leaderboards and provide multiplayer options through provided services of Google Play. Note that currently leaderboards/achievements and cloud saving seems to be working great, the only...

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Heyzap Plugin

Status: Stable v0.2

Heyzap offers a great combo of leaderboard and achievement management (even between apps). Additionally it also provides Ads and a way to checkin your app with options to posting to Twitter and Facebook. Thats all for both Android and IOS platforms.

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In App Billing Interface

Status: Beta v0.65

The idea is to provide common In App Billing interface for most of available iap frameworks, so users could use in app purchases across platforms and iap frameworks with completely same or similar interface. Currently implemented interfaces...

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Isometric Tilemap

Status: Experiment v0.5

This a proof of concept of using Isometric TileMaps in Gideros. This implementation is pure Lua and we will attempt to update it to native implementation. Currently it provides an IsometricTileMap class, which is used to display isometric tilemaps....

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Status: Beta v1.0

These are LuaJIT binaries adding a Just-In-Time Compiler (JIT) for the Lua programming language, which speeds up the execution of the Lua code.

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Status: Stable v0.56

Get images from Camera or gallery/file system Resize the image or make copy of them. Take screenshots Play videos for cutscenes Manipulate pictures by getting/setting pixels And much much more

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Native Tween

Status: Experiment v0.1

Native implementation of Tweening library. Right now you can only create single simple tween, by tweening all values available to set method, and it dispatches complete event when tween is finished. Api of library is made similar to existing lua...

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Native UI

Status: Experiment v0.8

In this project we will try to implement native UIs of all supported platforms, while abstracting them in same or similar Lua wrapper, so you could use it seamlessly (if possible) between different platforms. As some classes already exist to...

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Status: Stable v1.4

This is a plugin to manage both Local and Push notifications. You can schedule, cancel and dispatch local notifications, and also manage scheduled, already dispatched and pushed notifications. This plugin also allows you to know, when your app was...

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Status: Stable v1.2

This is an attempt to implement OUYA support for Gideros. Right now it is used as plugin, but after making it work properly, most probably it will be implemented as additional platform in Gideros. This plugin will allow you to use OUYA controller...

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