About BattleBox

Ever dream about Line Defense Strategy Game with Editor Mode?
You can now create, edit, share, and challenge your friends to play your custom level with BattleBox.

“What is this Application Box? It looks good,” Maya asked curiously.
“Well~Well~ You have a good eye, Girl," said the old weird-looking granny at the store.
“That mysterious Box will give you a mysterious treasure when you finished it,” she added.

“Mysterious treasure?” Maya wondered. Maya turned to Alex for a second, Alex shrugs.

That granny then continued, “Well, this Box have…”

“Alright, i will buy this one. I'm bored anyway.” Maya cut out the conversation, and bought the mysterious Box.

And the story continued on the game.

You will get this on BattleBox:
> [[Unique gameplay]] to give you new experience of defense game.
> [[50 levels with different challenges for each level to keep you in battle mood.
> [[Plus game for every level, give you harder challenges and harder enemies.
> [[Short story in kinetic novel style, you can turn it off if you don't like it.
> [[Endless mode from a certain level's reward.
> [[Editor Mode which you got just from the very beginning. Start to edit, play, and also share your custom level with friends.

With this, hours of challenging gameplay is guaranted.
And no, the 'mysterious treasure' that mentioned before is for Maya, not for you guys :P

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Genre: Strategy

Developed by: ElagoTech

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