About ElagoTech

Founded in December 2012, we focus on developing great games.

Elago taken from El, a, and go.

El means GOD.
a means giving, starting, and pushing.
go means growth, purpose, and going forward.
Tech taken from technology.

We are an indie game developer team with so much love from GOD, family, and friends. That’s why we want to share you our values that resonates in our apps & games.

Hope you enjoy our apps & games!

Contact us anytime just to say hi, giving feedbacks, or comments, we really appreciate it and will reply you personally.

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ElagoTech is available for hire creating apps using Gideros

It means you can hire ElagoTech for specific work related to Gideros and negotiate the terms with ElagoTech directly. You need to contact ElagoTech for more information, if you wish to hire.

ElagoTech is available for providing paid consulting on Gideros

It means if you are working on an app using Gideros, and can't really finish it on your own, you can hire ElagoTech to consult you and help you acheive your goal together. You need to contact ElagoTech for more information, if you wish to hire.

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Apps developed by ElagoTech:

Cosmo Ship

Strategy games combined with Action games? Specialy crafted for mobile? Yes! That is totally what Cosmo Ship is. You will experience a whole new game here. You will control 3 ships. Choose from 120 ships available. Battle incoming enemy waves....

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Ever dream about Line Defense Strategy Game with Editor Mode? You can now create, edit, share, and challenge your friends to play your custom level with BattleBox. ~Prologue “What is this Application Box? It looks good,” Maya asked...

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