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Gideros redefines how game designers develop, test and deploy mobile applications on multiple platforms

We are committed to build great products to help your next big application on various mobile platforms. We are really working very hard to make sure Gideros suits your needs and meets your expectations. If you need any help please do not hesitate contact us.

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Tools developed by Gideros:


Button class implements two states of button, making your buttons more responsive : standard statepushed state Another great feature is that it implements click event, which executes only for this button. By default mouse interaction events are...

Go To Tools page ads two additional methods to table object:, key)table.load(key) It provides an easy way to persistent store the Lua table and also a way to load the data from files into Lua table

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Scene Manager

SceneManager class provides and easy way to manage scenes in Gideros. Manage memory between scenes - adding and removing objects. And even provide different kind of animations for scene transitions Each scene should be a simple Sprite element,...

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GTween is a light-weight instance oriented tween engine. This means that you instantiate tweens for specific purposes, and then reuse, update or discard them. This is different than centralized tween engines where you "register" tweens with a global...

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