Gideros Developer Preview

Status: Experiment

Version: 2.0.0 alpha 1


What's new?

Version 2.0.0 alpha 1

Completed transfer to OpenGL ES 2.0
Implemented Shader support for GLSL to use with Mesh objects

About Gideros Developer Preview

Giders Developer Preview Version that has been transfered to OpenGL ES 2.0

Currently it has shader support through the use of glsl language provided to Effect class.
And this Effect class can currently be applied to Mesh class objects only.

Check what's new in the version in Developer's Preview Docs What's New section

Code example:

local effect ="glsl",
attribute vec4 POSITION0;                 
uniform mat4 g_MVPMatrix;                 
void main()                               
    gl_Position = g_MVPMatrix * POSITION0;
#ifndef GL_ES   
#define lowp    
#define mediump 
#define highp   
void main()                             
    gl_FragColor = vec4(1, 0, 0, 1);