About TreasureHunt

THINK IT! POWER IT! SHOOT IT! Addictive by nature, this iPhone game lets you test your shooting abilities and thirst for treasure. It contains countless quests and adventures to amaze your senses and test your shooting skills.
Game is based on simple funda of projectile motion and power. And all you need is to shoot the treasure box with a grenade and collect all the stars that comes in-between the projectile path of a grenade.
Adjust power in such a way that launched grenade exactly or approximately falls on treasure box and simultaneously collects all the stars in its path. As the level shifts, you get rigid as well as bouncy platforms that will assist you in shooting treasure box.
This groundbreaking puzzle game has 15 different levels, enough to let your imagination run wild. It’s the perfect game for the casual player looking for fun and extensive replay.
If you think, you can own the treasure. Let’s begin.

Genre: Puzzle

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