About Spaceship

You are the space traveler and you fly on the surface of a strange new planet.
There are many dangers – meteorites move toward your spaceship and they can bring down you. And only the fast reaction lets you pass by each other and continue your way. The speed gradually increases. This is the exciting game for those who love space, speed and heat.
Playing the game you’ll not only spend time interestingly, but also develop your attention and rate of reaction. You know how these qualities are important in real life!

The main features of the game:

Your spaceship can fly only forward; you can’t stop and turn back.
The game has 6 different colorful levels.
You may exchange earned points for new spaceship, there are 3 kinds of spaceship in the game.
When the new updates exist, the new levels and spaceship are added.
There is convenient control of touch screen which help you to enjoy the game.

Would you like to make fascinating flight in mysterious space? Your spaceship waits for you!

Genre: Arcade

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Developed by: Zark21

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