Crazy Arrows

About Crazy Arrows

Crazy arrows is an archery game in which players fire arrows at targets to gain points. Play against a computer opponent or a friend. The game has 6 contests, each contest has 5 rounds, giving the game a total of 30 different levels.

Game features
- 30 levels
- Use crazy arrows like bombs, smart bombs, infections and aim assist to get ahead
- Easy, Medium or Hard AI opponent
- Play against friend
- Single player highscore mode

Arrows are fired by dragging your finger from the player toward the target, with the game area automatically zooming out as power of the shot is increased.

Play to win crazy arrows, that can be used to help get ahead of your opponent. Arrows are won by getting 3 bulls eyes and playing on the arrow slots, or by shooting a special combination which awards the arrow to the play for use in the next turn.

To win the game a player needs to have a good aim and a good strategy, making use of the crazy arrows to their best advantage.

Genre: Action

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