Running Gideros Studio under Linux

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Gideros Studio natively runs under Mac OS X and Windows. However it's possible to run this application under Linux, using the wonderful Windows emulator, Wine. Wine takes care of mapping MS Windows functions to Linux. There are several complex MS Windows apps that run under Linux with full performance, thanks to Wine developers

This document explains how to download/install Wine under Ubuntu, and then install Gideros Studio under this emulator.

Installing Wine

Installing Wine is straightforward:

apt-get install wine

If you are using the Software Center, then do the following:

  • Open Software Center
  • Type "wine" and install Wine

This is it! If you need more information about how to install and configure Wine, then use Ubuntu Wine Documentation

Installing and running Gideros Studio

Installing Gideros Studio is straightforward. Just download the latest version, and then using command line, type "wine" followed by the application name. Installer will tell you how to proceed, and locate every file to your home directory.

After installation, you'll see the "Wine" menu item in Ubuntu under Applications. Go to Wine -> Programs -> Gideros Studio and run "Gideros Studio".


In this version, following issues exist:

  • Sometimes the window cannot be resized. You may use to maximize the window instead.
  • After starting the player, the play button is not enabled for 10 seconds. This can be overcome by directly writing down the IP of the player under Player Settings (which is if you are running the player on your machine)