About dataSaver

Type: Lua module
License: BSD License
Supported platforms:


  • File Manipulations

Here is a dataSaver module for Gideros Mobile, that allows you to save and load files or separate app properties in the document directory of Gideros mobile.

This module requires json module, which you can get from

Code example:

--Save key pair values
local somevalue = 42
dataSaver.saveValue("|D|somevalue", somevalue)

--Retrieve saved key pair values
local somevalue = dataSaver.loadValue("|D|somevalue")

-- Save tables
local mydata = {}
mydata.somestring = "mystring"
mydata.somevalue = 42"|D|mydata", mydata)

--Retrieve saved tables:
local mydata = dataSaver.load("|D|mydata")