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Developing mobile games and apps. Following and tweeting about Mobile Technologies, projects and interesting Game Development news.

Apps developed by Water Bread Internet:

Build It Up

Build it up is a puzzle game, enabling you to build structures based on blueprints presented on screen from building blocks, by operating a crane. Ever imagined how it would be to build something? Now is your chance, operate the crane from cabin...

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Bubble Puddle

This is war. Those pesky bubbles are attacking your floor, that you have just mopped clean. And now it is your duty to defend this floor by any means necessary, through any crazy attack, combination or puzzle those bubbles might have. Don't let the...

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Sweet Combo Match

Match 3 or more sweet desserts to combine them and discover new sweets. It is like a four sided tetris match 3 game with element progression, created in a sweet and delicious style. That what makes Sweet Combo Match differ from simple swap and...

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21 Point Basket Ball

21 Point Basket Ball is a variation of Basket Ball game, that you can play alone in your backyard. The main aim of the game is to hit over 21 score by playing Basket ball in the backyard. Each first throw gives you 3 points, second - 2...

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Sushi the Fish

Help the fish named Sushi escape the mad scientist lab using all the gadgets available in the lab and get as far from the lab as possible What happens if a fish from aquarium gets out to the wild waters. Well - it dies. But... What happens if...

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