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Terms of Service - Vip Grinders

1.1 This agreement establishes the General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “T&C”) for the contractual relationship between HHK eCommerce Consulting Ltd (hereinafter “we”, “VIP-Grinders“, “us”) and any person registering with us, may it be an Affiliate/Agent or a direct customer/individual player (hereinafter “The User”, “You”). 1.2 Each User is required to accept these T&C when registering for an account with VIP-Grinders and is bound by them throughout the existence of the relationship. 1.3 The contractual relationship between the registered User and VIP-Grinders is governed by and construed in accordance with these T&C and the Laws of Malta. 1.4 In case of dispute between the English version of the Terms and Conditions and versions in other languages, the English language version shall prevail. Any other information on this website or Affiliate websites may be presented in several other languages, but is for information purposes only. 1.5 You are recommended to print a copy of these Terms and Conditions for Your records and store them in an accessible place.

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