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Tableau is mainly a Business Intelligence tool used for analysing the data visually. Tableau users can create and interactive dashboard and share it in a network of users as well. This dashboard helps in depicting the variations, trends and density of data picturised in the form of charts and graphs. The real time collaboration and data blending of this software makes it very unique. Tableau can also be connected and access files and big data sources for analysis and there by providing an interpretation according to the need.
Getting Started with Tableau Desktop:
Desktop Tableau allows you to create several views in a workbook. Below are the steps that need to be taken while working on a Desktop Tableau and connect, build , present, and share some useful views and data in accordance with the required interpretation.

If the outline of using the Tableau platform can be this interesting, it's time to avail this benchmark Tableau Training in Chennai with SLA for their professional expertise and zeal to provide quality education according to the need.

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