Nathan Shafer

About Nathan Shafer

Working on my first game in Gideros.

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Tools developed by Nathan Shafer:


Matrix extensions based on GiderosCodingEasy by ar2rsawseen with a few fixes/changes.

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This is an implementation of cubic and quadratic Bezier curves for Gideros. Features: - Is a Gideros "Shape" object for easy integration into your project. - Very quick calculation of cubic and quadratic Bezier curves. - Automatic scaling of...

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AnchorSprite adds anchor support to the built-in Sprite. All position, rotation and scale operations will happen relative to the set anchor point instead of to the origin (0,0). The default anchor point is (0,0) so unless you change it, Sprites will...

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This is a class to facilitate two dimensional vectors in Gideros. It is basically a table with an x and a y variable, plus support for tostring, concatenation and math operations. It also includes methods for calculating distances to other Vector2s,...

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Kinetic Zoom Camera

This implements a camera class that allows the user to drag and zoom a virtual camera. It works basically by having child elements that are bigger than the view size of the given device. There isn't really a camera that moves, rather it just moves...

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