We are a secret group of very passionate indie game developers and designers. Living everyday life at daylight and secretely working underground and undercover at dark evenings, doing best we can to produce polished, quality (and sometimes even experimental) game experience and content at the devices near you.

We mostly produce games for Android and IOS devices, but also considering other platforms as Windows Phone and Destkop platforms.

For now our most used ninja tool is Gideros Mobile.

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2048 extended

This is an extended version of the game 2048, providing you with over 30 customization options, starting from dimensions, to spawning rates, with option to also skip moves. We really enjoyed the original version of 2048 and wanted even more, thus...

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Dummy Town

Control crash dummies, brought back to life by radiation, smashing their way through the debris of the forsaken town, used for nuclear bomb tests, running away from yet another explosion, in hopes to save their lives (or so they think). Dummy...

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Kicky Ball

Kicky Ball - become the ultimate ball player and bounce the ball in the air as long as You can! Its the game of skill! Connect to Facebook to compete with Your friends and set the kick-ups records! • Easy to start • Hard to master •...

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Discover Philosopher's stone performing tons of experiments and gaining knowledge. The main game objective is to discover the universal solvent - Philosopher's stone. During the game, the player has to perform different experiments to gain...

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✔ Have fun and mash some annoying balls! Great entertainment for everybody! Ultimate MashBall leader – the great Baller - has to stand up to mash all the annoying balls. Help him! Became the leader yourself. Have some fight, have some fun...

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