Hubert Ronald

About Hubert Ronald

I'm Industrial Engineering. I specialize in system simulation, operational research and programming of application mobile as independent video game developer.

Also I've expertise in business management, planning, costs, marketing and projects.

I've worked in government organizations, private enterprises and as teacher at universities. I tried of start-up business in my native country too.

Nowadays, I'm creating mobile interactive application for iOS and Android systems.

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Apps developed by Hubert Ronald:

Bow Sailboat

BOW SAILBOAT It is inspired by classic video games “Frogger” and “Bomber Man”. Working in a way that is opposite to usual games of this type “Defense”, the roads and the turrets are carried to the enemies, instead of them travelling on...

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Paint pong

You paint and you don't let it paint you. "Paint pong" is a game inspired in the paintball and also in the classic video game pong but based on a 3D perspective. Don't let splash your face, "Paint pong" is a casual app to kill time while you...

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Tools developed by Hubert Ronald:

Lua Stat

Lua Statistics Functions (LuaSF) is a small library which offers a clean, minimalistic but powerful API for discrete and continuous Pseudo-random variables mainly. Add LuaSF.lua file inside your project. Call it using require function. It will...

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