Native Json

Status: Stable

Version: 1.0

Supported platforms:


About Native Json

Native implementation of Json. Comparing to current lua implementation, native json works about 30-40 times faster.

The idea is to include it in every platform automatically, and user would only have to require it to use.


Copy libs folder into your exported project.
Add System.loadLibrary("json"); to your main Activity
Copy json.dll to Gideros installation Plugins folder
Copy libgcc_s_sjlj-1.dll and libwinpthread-1.dll to Gideros installation folder if they are not there yet
Include libjson.a to your exported project
Copy libjson.dylib to Gideros installation Plugins folder

Code example:

require "json"

local t = {}
local str = json.encode(t)
t = json.decode(str)