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MHUIKIT: How do you make the screen scroll up when keyboard covers textfield?

  • The keyboard in the current MHUIKIT implementation can cover textfields if they're too low on the screen. We have a screen with a lot of textfields. Any suggestions or hints on how to solve the problem of the textfield being covered by the keyboard?

    I've modified they plugin to add a new event (when editing begins and the keyboard pops up), but I don't think I even did that right since the app dies after 3 or 4 edits.
  • It's the same problem when making iPhone apps using Cocoa and Objective-C. You have to use a scrollview to move the content up so it isn't hidden, resize the view, or just never put text fields where they will be covered.
  • ZoytZoyt +1 -1
    I haven't tried this, but is it possible to move the UI objects by transforming the matrix? If so, that might help. But I suspect not.

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