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Arrow keys not working: Hardware issue? - Gideros Forum

Arrow keys not working: Hardware issue?

totebototebo Member
edited November 28 in General questions
When I press LEFT + UP + RIGHT on Macbook Pro Event.KEY_DOWN doesn't fire for any of the keys.Pressed separately they appear to work. Hardware issue?


  • SinisterSoftSinisterSoft Maintainer
    edited November 29
    In some keyboards some key combinations don't work - it's a result of both the circuit layout and the code in the keyboard microcontroller. Plug in good quality USB keyboard and see if that works (if it does then it's just the keyboard can't cope) - or boot the Mac in Windows (using bootcamp, not an emulator) and if that works then it's the Mac OS itself.

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  • Interesting. I made a quick test and double key combos always work, left/right/up registers nothing, and left/right/down works. Strange indeed.
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  • When I first bumped into this issue I remembered I had had a similar issue with a web game way back. Since it was a while back I wondered if keyboard manufacturers hadn't fixed this bizarre shortcoming. Obviously not. :)

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