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Box2D smoothness?

snooks Member
edited November 26 in General questions
I am getting slight, fairly regular intermittent jittering with Box2D. I have tried measuring the time between onEnterFrame events and setting the world step time to this instead of a fixed 1/60, but it doesn't help. It's slight, but annoying. Maybe I need a time between actual renders?

Time between events never exceeds 1/60th second, when running the GC too - so it's not garbage related, I think.

Is there a standard solution?


  • I noticed this too, but only on the desktop player. On device it's smooth for me. Are you testing on device?
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  • No, this was just the desktop player. I exported to desktop and win32 a while back but it was roughly the same. It's a smidge jittery with desktop player, desktop export and win32 export now too, but smooth with WInRT export and HTML5 export. I'll test mobile export in the next couple of days once I get onscreen controls sorted (I'm going to start a thread for that, somebody must have done this already :) ).
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  • Hey guys, I noticed some jittering too when playing with Box2d. For me I saw it on the Android player as well.
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  • Hmm... For desktop export, i wonder if it's Box2d's problem.
    Probably have something to do with V-sync setting and other OpenGL related stuff (in source code of course).
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  • I think it's a timer issue between a 60hz timer and the real vsync time (slightly less than 60hz). I think if the timer was set to slightly less than 60hz (less than the real vsync) then it could go away...
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  • I've tested an exported Android apk now and it's fine there too. So it seems like an issue with full OpenGL on Windows, WinRT avoiding it because it uses a DX wrapper.
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