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totebototebo Member
edited November 20 in General questions
Are there any devices using @4x out there?


  • Hi @totebo - the way I understand it is that th device will use the textures if its screen can support it.

    For example my base is 320x480
    @2x would then be 640x960
    @4x would be 1280x1920

    I’m pretty certain there devices out the with higher res screen that that.

    I’ve also tested this on desktop html5 export and it uses the @4x textures because of my MacBook Pros retina screen.
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  • Yes, my Pixel-C has a 2560×1800 resolution. All my 960 x 640 games still look flipping fantastic on it though! Go Gideros!!
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  • Ninjadoodle Member
    Accepted Answer
    Yeah on phones, it’s not really an issue - but if you want your game to work on phones as well as large screen tablets and full screen PC monitors ( or even 4k TVs ) - Gideros makes it super easy :)

    Aye: antix

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  • Thanks guys. Maybe past @3 it's becoming academic, because it would be hard to tell the difference between @3 and @4 on devices smaller than a house.
    My Gideros games: www.totebo.com
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