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Anyone switched from Android to iPhone 8/X?
  • I already replaced my Samsung Galaxy S6 with iPhone 8P. the battery on S6 is horrible and become lagging after recent update. What is your choice in this year?

    BTW, what is the app you are using to move content from one phone to another?
  • talistalis +1 -1 (+1 / -0 )
    Xiaomi. I am already using MI5 pro for 1.5 year, and unbeleivable happy with the handset.
    When i will change i am willing to change to some new models of Xiaomi.

    I still don't believe that some smartphone can cost more than my current coding computer. (~1000 usd)

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  • totebototebo +1 -1 (+1 / -0 )
    Pixel, of course! New one being announced 4th October. Not that I need it, Pixel XL beats any phone I've used hands down.

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  • talis said:

    I still don't believe that some smartphone can cost more than my current coding computer. (~1000 usd)

    Heard a lot of positive reviews about Xiaomi phone but never got one yet. The price of recent flagship devices is insane.

  • @talis: interesting, I hadn't heard of them before. It looks like it's easy to get replacement screens for them too, which was a PITA when I had an imported phone.
  • I have the original Pixel tablet and it totally beats any other tablet I've tried.

    If you are looking at these new devices.. keep an eye out because Google often gives giant discounts for developers. I got roughly $400 off my Pixel tablet through their developer discount thingy :)
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  • i have old Huawei, and now i got a new iPhone 7! I always use Tunesbro phone transfer to move all data between Android and iPhone the trail version allow me to move 50 messages and contacts.
  • such a topic title attracts spambots it seems.

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