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Feature parity for win32 version

keszeghkeszegh Member
edited August 2017 in General questions
In long term win32 version should be kept on par with the qt version of win exported app. For this reason i thought that it would be good to have a place where the differences (i.e., what is missing from win32 export) are collected.

Let me start with a few ones, the first of which is hopefully easy to add to win32 version:
1. application:setFullScreen()
2. media plugin
3. multiple screens with Screen class
4. camera plugin

if you write me more, i can add it, also i can state it DONE whenever it is added to win32 version too.
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  • I think it would be best if these where in the github issues section - if you create an issue then it can be ticked off when fixed?
  • keszeghkeszegh Member
    edited August 2017
    sure, also at github, but here we could collect them together to see what is missing, if someone starts to make a desktop app he can check quickly if he can get all the features he needs. and also one can upvote here features.

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  • john26john26 Maintainer
    edited August 2017
    Firstly I'm glad people are using the win32 version. When I first programmed it, some people said it was a waste of time as it offered few/no advantages over the Qt-based desktop version. Since then of course, many other people have added to my original code so I can't claim ownership anymore.

    I think it's a very good idea to maintain a list of what features are lacking from the win32 version somewhere. Just having bug fixes in Github doesn't group these things together but this forum thread can easily get lost also. In the documentation there are currently icons showing what features work where (eg lots of things work on iOS only or Android only) so maybe that's the best place. We will need another win32 icon. And while we're at it we should say what works on the other new OS's like WinRT....

    As far as media plugin is concerend I can't help as I don't know about these things. It seems some of the features can be provided by MS WIA system. If anyone out there is an expert on this, please send us a pull request. :-)


    "multiple screens with Screen class". This was done by @hgy29, can you fix this Nico?

    I think fullscreen kind of works except there is still a Windows border around the full-screen window. Is that the issue?
  • @john26, evidently win32 version is very important. while the qt version works well, using it may have licensing issues. actually when i realized this difference of the exports, it struck me that for mac there is not even an alternative to qt currently.

    so yes, i believe win32 and a native mac export should be priorities, otherwise gideros does not fully have desktop exports.

    i think it's a good idea to put in reference for each class all the platform it is supported on.

    about the fullscreen issue, for me setting application to fullscreen does not have any effect at all, so it's not just a border-issue.

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