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Hi guys, a quick question about the Latest Gideros :) - Gideros Forum

Hi guys, a quick question about the Latest Gideros :)

NinjadoodleNinjadoodle Member
edited August 2017 in General questions
I've been away for a while, as my partner and I had a baby and apart from getting used to a new routine, I've also been re-evaluating the direction I'd like my game making to head in :)

I see that in the time I've been gone, Gideros has improved quite a bit! It's awesome to see.

I have a quick question about the latest Gideros release.

In the previous version I've been using when you enabled 'fit height' or 'fit width', the game would show stuff outside of the games 'logical dimensions'.

In the latest release however, stuff seems to cutoff at the logical dimensions, creating a letterbox type effect.

Is this intentional?

Thank you heaps for any help :)


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