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Physics for a line
  • Hi, I have multiple lines (using setLineStyle etc) in my game that also need to have objects bounce off them. The line is 5 pixels wide and I have sets of coordinates that they are drawn between so the line can be on any angle. The lines also sometime overlap at the end to form a connection but this only needs to be visual (no physics joints)

    I have looked but I can't find a b2 physics line (with a width). I see there is a PolygonShape but I would either have to calculate coordinates that surround the line or calculate centers and angle for a surrounding box. At this stage I can't work out how to do either of those.

    What is the best way to solve this problem

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    Hi @paul_k_clark Did you see the example Project Physcs 1: Chain on Gideros Studio?
    There's a little code about your question and I believe, it will be able to help you a little

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  • Hi @HubertRonald, thanks for your reply. That example uses EdgeShape which draws between two points but is only one pixel wide. Since my line is 5 pixels wide it either ends up on one side or in the middle. Either way the other objects enter into the line before bouncing, rather than bouncing off the side.
  • calculating the polygon surrounding the line isn't too complicated.
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    @keszegh, it's been quite a while since I have done this type of math (long long time) so I was looking that would either do it for me or help out. In the end I found a mathlib library that included functions get a shortened point along the line and then rotate it a couple of times to cover the rounded end of the line.

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