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Export issue... file cannot be found with loadfile/dofile
  • snooks +1 -1
    I am having an issue with loadfile and dofile when they are used. They work in the Player, but when I export to Windows Desktop or win32 I am getting an error relating to the file not being found.
    Test = Core.class(Sprite)
    function Test:init(filename)
    print("Filename = ".. filename)
    self.fn = loadfile(filename)()

    This should fail on export when you use it...
    local testy = Test.new('blah.lua')

    Where blah.lua is a file that exists in the same directory as everything else and has definitely been added to the Gideros project.

    e: I thought it was just in a class, but just this fails when exported too...
    fn = loadfile('blah.lua')()

  • snooks +1 -1
    Yes, thanks that was it. My google-fu skills are letting me down here, at least there's another potential search result for somebody else know.

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