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SetAnchorPoint error on android Gideros Player - Gideros Forum

SetAnchorPoint error on android Gideros Player

augustino_fpaugustino_fp Member
edited July 2017 in Bugs and issues
Hi all,
I recently have been trying to test my mobile app on a physical android rather than just the windows Gideros Player. My code runs fine on my computer with no errors, however when I tried to test it on the mobile device today, I received the following error: attempt to call method 'setAnchorPoint' (a nil value). I have run into these types of errors before while developing in lua, but since the same error did not occur on my computer I was wondering if this was a problem people were aware of? I have attached my code if it will help (error occurs on line 48), but I want to first make sure this problem is not common, or easily fixable. Thanks for any information you can provide!

EDIT: I just realized lines are not numbered in the attached file: i have attached a picture showing which line produces the error.

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