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Timing different in Device Player - Gideros Forum

Timing different in Device Player

MontezumaVMontezumaV Member
edited June 2017 in Bugs and issues
Hallo Guys and Girls i have a Question :)

i use a Timer for an Animation. the Timer starts like this :
timer = Timer.new(10, 0)
and the callback Function is this :
function player:onTimer()
	local s = self.sprite
	--self.sprite:setAlpha(self.sprite:getAlpha() - 0.1)
	if(not (s:getScaleY() <= 0)) then
		self.sprite:setScaleY(s:getScaleY() - 0.005)
so the basic Idea is to Shrink a Sprite. This works well on my PC Simulator but it is slower on the Device Player ? ( Android LG G4 ) .
Is this becaus of the Code ?


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