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Does LuaJit work with latest Gideros? - Gideros Forum

Does LuaJit work with latest Gideros?

tharektharek Member
edited June 2017 in General questions
Does LuaJit work with the latest Gideros and the Android export? I've tried and retried the solutions and instructions posted on this forum but to no avail.

The 2 errors I came across were main.lua related:

1) "Could not access/find main.lua.jet" - which stops main.lua compiling and app crashes with "main.lua could not be found".
2) White screen/nothing happens - A project with just a main.lua exports and runs fine. But when I add another lua file (even empty), the app does nothing and there are no logcat errors.

Thanks in advanced for any help and sorry if I'm unclear.


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