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Mysterious crash when caching a font on Android - Gideros Forum

Mysterious crash when caching a font on Android

totebototebo Member
edited May 2017 in General questions
When I try to cache all the characters of a large font the app crashes. I get this error message from Logcat on Android:
05-11 10:01:50.153 30573-30599/com.totebo.nobrakes2 A/libc: Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1, fault addr 0x0 in tid 30599 (GLThread 5611)
                                                            [ 05-11 10:01:50.154   570:  570 W/         ]
                                                            debuggerd: handling request: pid=30573 uid=10336 gid=10336 tid=30599
This is on a Pixel XL. I suspect it's got something to do with the font creating too big a bitmap. When I use less glyphs it doesn't crash. I will need all the glyphs for all the languages eventually, so I'm a bit stumped on how to resolve this.

Any ideas?
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