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  • tytadastytadas +1 -1
    Is there any websites I could download from Android Player for Gideros? I have changed my phone, so I lost the .apk file. I can't find it in my Gideros folder. Thanks
  • pie +1 -1 (+2 / -0 )
    it should be there I think, however you can always build your own with direct apk export:
    open a project or create a new one, select File>Export Project >Android tab and in the dropdown menu in the bottom left corner choose Player(no assets) - you can also add all the plugins you need.
  • hgy29hgy29 +1 -1 (+1 / -0 )
    @tytadas, all prebuilt players are located in Players subfolder of your gideros installation, starting for 2017.3 version

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