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Using Spritefonts (Bitmaps) for text?
  • stetso +1 -1

    is there any built-in way that I am missing, that allows to use spritefonts in Gideros? A bitmap with letters (like this)? I couldn't find something along that lines, the Font Creator only creates these things from ttf-files if I am not mistaken...!?

  • NatWobbleNatWobble +1 -1
    Member Accepted Answer

    You need the .fnt file that maps the individual characters in the bitmap. The example above does actually link to a version with it here (refering to AngelCodeFont users in the thread).

    Using ttfs as a source and exporting to a bitmap is the best way in my experience. There are "millions" of free fonts available on the web and you can get better quality bitmap fonts from them because they are scalable vectors.

    If you need to jazz up your ttf fonts (shade them, add shadows and gradients etc), Littera is a great online editor/bitmap exporter.
  • stetso +1 -1
    Awesome, thanks @NatWobble, this is what I was looking for. I was wondering whether the .txt files that Font Creator spits out are some kind of standard format. Now I know :-)

    Also, Littera seems great as well, thanks!
  • NatWobbleNatWobble +1 -1
    @stetso Yes they are basically the same format. It doesn't matter whether they end .txt or .fnt. You can rename them as you wish, just make sure the file names match when you load your font.

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