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Particles texturepack feature request
  • pie +1 -1
    Hi, I read a post about particle candy where @SinisterSoft was asking for new features that could improve built in Particles: I'm starting a new thread to keep things tidy :)

    I think it would be a great improvement if Particles could handle texturepacks: I have not tried on latest release yet (2017.4.1), but it seems that the only way to set a particle texture is to use a "single" texture

    It would be cool if Particles could read texturepacks too, and following this I can think of at least 2 big improvements in terms of achievable particles effects:
    1) cast particle choosing a random texture from the texturepack (or from a provided list of images inside the texturepack)
    2) make animated texture on particles (maybe we could use movieclips? )

    What do you think? I don't know how complex this would be, and if this would be a performance killer, but it would open some new possibilities
  • SinisterSoftSinisterSoft +1 -1 (+1 / -0 )
    I think that a way of animating a texture of a certain size though animations in a texture might be better - faster to process?

    EG, we know the particle size, if the texture is larger then I assume it will draw from 0,0 to the size of the particle. So a second frame could be the next square to the left, and so on down the texture.
    f then could cycle from startFrame to endFrame, at frameSpeed ?
    with frameSpeed=0 for no animation

    Likes: antix

  • pie +1 -1
    I like your idea a lot.
    I don't know the passages behind that, but the ability to choose which frames to pick from the texturepack would allow to load a single texturepack with all particles and animations (merge all particles textures instead of loading a texturepack for each particle)

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