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Awesome-Gideros on GitHub

stetsostetso Member
edited April 2017 in General questions
Hi Giderians,

while working with Gideros I started to collect links about everything that was useful to me when developing with Gideros so I thought about making the list available to everyone. Then the awesome-project on Github came to my mind and so I created a starting point for an awesome-gideros list. I want to publish this here first because with your help we can extend it and make it even more useful as there are a lot of thing missing (e.g. physics). My hope is to update the list over the next weeks and then try to get it into the main awesome-project list. Maybe we get a little bit more exposure this way as well ;)

So here it is: awesome-gideros.

Please tell me what you think and I am very happy about criticism, additional hints and suggestions, pull requests and opinions! I hope to make this a useful go-to location for everyone interested in Gideros.


PS: I realize that there is the Developer Guide (with some overlapping information), one of the reasons to do it this way is because I think Github is simply more visible and much easier to contribute to. Additionally, there is already an awesome-gideros list by rolfpancake but it is apparently unmaintained. If we could merge everything, that would be cool...
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