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Awesome-Gideros on GitHub
  • stetso +1 -1 (+7 / -0 )
    Hi Giderians,

    while working with Gideros I started to collect links about everything that was useful to me when developing with Gideros so I thought about making the list available to everyone. Then the awesome-project on Github came to my mind and so I created a starting point for an awesome-gideros list. I want to publish this here first because with your help we can extend it and make it even more useful as there are a lot of thing missing (e.g. physics). My hope is to update the list over the next weeks and then try to get it into the main awesome-project list. Maybe we get a little bit more exposure this way as well ;)

    So here it is: awesome-gideros.

    Please tell me what you think and I am very happy about criticism, additional hints and suggestions, pull requests and opinions! I hope to make this a useful go-to location for everyone interested in Gideros.


    PS: I realize that there is the Developer Guide (with some overlapping information), one of the reasons to do it this way is because I think Github is simply more visible and much easier to contribute to. Additionally, there is already an awesome-gideros list by rolfpancake but it is apparently unmaintained. If we could merge everything, that would be cool...
  • keszegh +1 -1 (+1 / -0 )
    for gui you should link aceslide, i don't know where it is located but it's pretty useful.

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  • stetso +1 -1
    Thanks! Added :)
  • mertocanmertocan +1 -1 (+1 / -0 )
    Awesome stuff. You can link StoreReview plugin for iOS 10.3


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  • stetso +1 -1
    Thanks for the hint. Added!
  • stetso +1 -1
    A little bump!

    Just a reminder that you are welcome to add and suggest entries for the list. If you have any libraries, resources, forum entries or whatever else Gideros- and Lua-related stuff that you often refer to or would find useful and that is publicly available, please share it.

    The hope is to get the list mature enough to add it to the main awesome-awesome list on Github eventually (i.e. in two weeks, when it exists long enough to be eligible to be added) but a few more entries would be great :-)

    As I am quite new to Gideros myself I am most likely missing out on a lot of things...
  • stetso +1 -1 (+1 / -0 )
    Hello Giderians,
    not only is this another bump but I can, at long last, announce, that the awesome-gideros list got merged into the main awesome list (see opening post). I hope that this may give Gideros just another tiny bit of exposure.
    So this is another reminder: if you feel like you have something that should be added to the list, LET ME KNOW - or make a pull request :) At the moment I do not have much time to work with Gideros/stay up to date in the forum, so I probably miss a lot of things. But I will try to keep up with potential additions to the list (not that I expect a surge though ;) )


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