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Gideros 2017.4.1 Available Now!
  • antixantix +1 -1 (+12 / -0 )
    We are pleased to announce that Gideros 2017.4.1 is now available.

    Click Here to download and donate to the cause :)

    Support alpha only textures for fonts to reduce memory requirement
    Switch to freetype 2.7.1 to improve font rendering
    Allow numerical value for TTFont smoothing
    Propagate mouse buttons into touch events and add modifiers
    Use VBO more wisely
    Add a method to control VBO usage (Shader.enableVBO())
    gdrbridge now accepts a port in addition to ip in play command

    Gideros Studio
    Sort content of .gproj file to ease git/svn merging

    Export system
    Do not encrypt mp3 on iOS and android (background player)

    WinRT export is now XAML based
    Support pubcenter ads (microsoft advertising)
    Plugin scripts for all supported plugins
    Show/Hide virtual keyboard on winrt

    Player mode support
    Allow to post gideros events from javascript side
    Implement getLanguage()
    Allow packed and original versions: tradeoff between size and memory requirements
    Allow unencrypted but host locked scripts to share the same key
    Display app errors in HTML

    Media: Add 'getFile' and 'saveFile' methods for desktop
    Require: Add support for 2.1 screens

    Plugin/Camera: Fix cleanup for iOS
    Plugin/Microphone: fix initialisation on Android
    Check out my DevBlog, my GitHub, and my games Falling Animals | Breaky Wall | Exetor
  • totebototebo +1 -1 (+1 / -0 )
    The new font rendering is AMAZING. I've always loved clean user interfaces, and with even more crisp and clear fonts I now have a lot more control.

    Likes: SinisterSoft

    My Gideros games: www.totebo.com
  • keszegh +1 -1
    zerobrane studio does not run my project in this version. did something change with gdrbridge etc?
  • hgy29hgy29 +1 -1
    Nothing changed about gdrbridge specifically, let me check how it behaves from command line
  • MobAmuseMobAmuse +1 -1 (+1 / -0 )
    Nice! ...donated.

    Likes: hgy29

  • hgy29hgy29 +1 -1 (+1 / -0 )
    Found the issue with gdrbridge: new html5 web player ports conflicts with gdrdeamon. I'll fix it.

    Likes: keszegh

  • keszegh +1 -1 (+3 / -0 )
    @hgy29, you see, you should've taken me seriously when i mentioned this bug in the beta. : )
  • hgy29hgy29 +1 -1
    Yes, obviously! But holidays made me forget this detail :)
  • HubertRonaldHubertRonald +1 -1 (+1 / -0 )
    Oh! I'm going to enjoy it this weekend :)

    Likes: hgy29

  • john26john26 +1 -1 (+2 / -0 )
    In this release you can, for the first time, put ads in Windows Phone and Windows store apps. That's very significant for monetization on these platforms and is the first time we've supported ads (or any plugin) on WinRT.

    It's taken a huge effort by @hgy29, the whole player had to be rewritten. I've heard there is good money to be made from WinRT ads so please let us know how you get on.
  • keszegh +1 -1 (+6 / -0 )
    altogether, i'm sure these releases contain a lot of work by many people, but by my experience indeed @hgy29 is one that has to be thanked for many of the new features and maintenance.
    thanks again for all the people who keep working on gideros core.
  • john26 said:

    In this release you can, for the first time, put ads in Windows Phone and Windows store apps.

    Hi @john26 I suppose that it's in this path: Gideros Studio/All Plugins/ads/source/WinRT/Ads ... right?

    A stupid question too?
    I know recently there is visual studio for mac (not VS code) so is possible make an windows phone app or windows app with it... i haven't much experience with this platform... so thank for any feedback. :)

    Also +1 as @keszegh said: "thanks again for all the people who keep working on gideros core."
  • john26john26 +1 -1 (+1 / -0 )
    I think you simply choose the pubcenter plugin when you export and the appropriate files will be copied

    Likes: HubertRonald

  • hgy29hgy29 +1 -1 (+5 / -0 )
    We've just released the first bugfix release for 2017.4, please upgrade to 2017.4.1 for the fixed version.

    Here are the changes:
    * fix sound not playing on Android/x86
    * fix gdrbridge/gdrdeamon not working
    * Use VBO more wisely : better performances in some cases
    * Add a method to control VBO usage (Shader.enableVBO())
    * Improve getFile/saveFile in media plugin for QT
    * gdrbridge now accepts a port in addition to ip in play command

    Thanks for using gideros, and thanks to those who reported the bugs and helped fixing them.
  • keszegh +1 -1
    thanks for correcting all my issues.
  • Superb!
  • Thanks again for everyone who contributed for this release.
  • Hi folks

    When I exported my project from Gideros to Android Studio automatically I got the next error:
    Error:(661, 41) error: package IMarketBillingService does not exist

    So I added to my app gradle this
    sourceSets {
    main {
    aidl.srcDirs = ['src']

    and I fixed the above error :) but I get a new problem :-? :
    Error:(19) couldn't find import for class com.android.vending.licensing.ILicenseResultListener


    Well I tried to do the following:
    Clean project -> Rebuild Project
    (Build located in the toolbar)

    Without any success...
    Somebody's had the same problem that me or maybe you've some idea like fix it... Any feedback thanks
    1071 x 266 - 143K
  • hgy29hgy29 +1 -1 (+3 / -0 )
    @HubertRonald, it looks like you tried to use Google Licensing plugin, but that one doesn't work automatically despite the ability to select it. @Sinistersoft and I attempted to convert it to new plugin system without much luck so far.

    It looks like this plugin is using deprecated API and I don't know yet how to upgrade it. Any help would be welcome.

    I reckon we should disable it until it actually works.
  • @hgy29 Thank for your reply, I'm sure after I gonna try with more patiently the above
  • keszegh +1 -1 (+2 / -0 )
    @hgy29, how can we get the modifiers for the mouse events? is it documented in the reference?

    EDIT: i've found that it's at event.touch.modifiers but it should be documented nevertheless.

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