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Crash in event manager
  • Hi!
    Any idea why this can happen?
    signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1 (SEGV_MAPERR), fault addr 0x4
    r0 0000001a r1 ab9cfc58 r2 00000000 r3 00000000
    r4 ac134014 r5 00000000 r6 00000001 r7 aaaaaaab
    r8 0000001a r9 ab9cfc58 sl 0000001a fp 00000001
    ip 00000000 sp ef8951f8 lr ef902cfd pc ef902ade cpsr 00030030
    #00 pc 0006cade /data/app/xxx-1/lib/arm/libgideros.so (_ZN19gevent_CallbackList13dispatchEventEiPv+145)
    #01 pc 0006ccfb /data/app/xxx-1/lib/arm/libgideros.so (_ZN6gevent12EventManager4tickEv+90)
    #02 pc 0016ed53 /data/app/xxx-1/lib/arm/libgideros.so
    #03 pc 0000dbbc /data/app/xxx-1/lib/arm/liblua.so
    #04 pc 0000cb34 /data/app/xxx-1/lib/arm/liblua.so
    #05 pc 00006020 /data/app/xxx-1/lib/arm/liblua.so
    #06 pc 00009adc /data/app/xxx-1/lib/arm/liblua.so
    #07 pc 00009bc8 /data/app/xxx-1/lib/arm/liblua.so (lua_pcall+88)
    #08 pc 00108c99 /data/app/xxx-1/lib/arm/libgideros.so (lua_pcall_traceback+128)
    #09 pc 0016f397 /data/app/xxx-1/lib/arm/libgideros.so (_ZN14LuaApplication10enterFrameEP7GStatus+70)
    #10 pc 00069211 /data/app/xxx-1/lib/arm/libgideros.so (_ZN18ApplicationManager9drawFrameEv+140)
    #11 pc 006221ad /data/app/xxx-1/oat/arm/base.odex (offset 0x588000)

    It's crash on mobile (not in player).
    Seems that this is related to using of a lot of sounds events.
    I'm using latest gideros 2017.3.1 But I think that this bug is pretty old.


    P.S. Maybe this is related to http://giderosmobile.com/forum/discussion/3884/android-version-crashes-with-fatal-signal-11-sigsegv-when-app-started-from-notification/p1 But here I don't use any notifications
  • My mistake, it was built by 2016.6
    Will check with new gideros
  • Still no luck even with 2017.3.1

    Build fingerprint: 'TCL/5042D/Alto45:4.4.4/KTU84P/v2CNR-0:user/release-keys'
    Revision: '0'
    pid: 1681, tid: 1694, name: Thread-85851 >>> xxx<<<<br />signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1 (SEGV_MAPERR), fault addr 00000044
    r0 0000001a r1 6bcaa5b0 r2 00000040 r3 00000000
    r4 6d1fb324 r5 00000000 r6 00000001 r7 aaaaaaab
    r8 0000001a r9 6bcaa5b0 sl 0000001a fp 00000001
    ip 00000040 sp 5f9537c8 lr 5f5aacbd pc 5f5aaa9e cpsr 00030030
    d0 4054103a1be34000 d1 00000000000000d3
    d2 00000014000003bc d3 5ebcd3880000005e
    d4 0063006900680070 d5 1acdbedf00750042
    d6 41bacdbedf000000 d7 412441f6646d1306
    d8 0000000000000000 d9 0000000000000000
    d10 0000000000000000 d11 0000000000000000
    d12 0000000000000000 d13 0000000000000000
    d14 0000000000000000 d15 0000000000000000
    d16 00025bcc68afaff4 d17 3efa01a019cb158e
    d18 3fa5555555555548 d19 bf56c16c16c15175
    d20 3e21ee9ebdb4b1c3 d21 be927e4f809c52ad
    d22 3d05c00000000000 d23 bc6a551d446c7800
    d24 bc6a551d446c5071 d25 3fc2f112df3e5244
    d26 7ff8000000000000 d27 4014000000000000
    d28 3ff0000000000000 d29 3fb0f4a31edab38b
    d30 3ff0000000000000 d31 4000000000000000
    scr 60000013

    #00 pc 00075a9e /data/app-lib/xxx-1/libgideros.so (gevent_CallbackList::dispatchEvent(int, void*)+145)
    #01 pc 00075cbb /data/app-lib/xxx-1/libgideros.so (gevent::EventManager::tick()+90)

    code around pc:
    5f5aaa7c 27abf64a 27aaf6ca 1aad6123 fb0710ad
    5f5aaa8c b1adf505 462e2500 0c05eb02 46494640
    5f5aaa9c f8dc3601 350c3004 f8dcb11b 47982008
    5f5aaaac 68636822 109b1a9b f303fb07 d3eb429e
    5f5aaabc e8bdb00f 32048ff0 f04faf05 f10d0300
    5f5aaacc ca070e20 3004f88d e8876823 9f060007
    5f5aaadc c01cf8dd 0007e88e f8cd9709 e89ec028
    5f5aaaec f10d0007 97020e2c 0007e88e 9f0d4618
    5f5aaafc e89e4629 f8cd000c 9700c00c ff18f7ff
    5f5aab0c c00cf8dd 468642a8 80a2f000 030cf100
    5f5aab1c d10942ab e893e012 330c0007 e88e429d
    5f5aab2c f10e0007 d0090e0c 9f02685a d1f242ba
    5f5aab3c 4562689a 330cd1ef d1f5429d 46204671
    5f5aab4c f7ff6862 6865fc8f 692068e3 6827e772
    5f5aab5c 1bea6853 fb0a1092 1090f202 dd272800
    5f5aab6c 4293683a 68fad02f bf084293 d02a370c

    code around lr:
    5f5aac9c 3318d015 f11b60a3 46300b00 f04fbf18
    5f5aacac f7f30b01 b11dec18 46424650 47a84639
    5f5aacbc 0f00f1bb 4638d0da eb0af7f3 68e0e7d6
    5f5aaccc f908f128 1d1a6963 685b6162 72fcf503
    5f5aacdc 60e36122 e7de60a3 f7f34630 4648ebfc
    5f5aacec 22002101 4ff8e8bd be8af7ff 0f00f1bb
    5f5aacfc 4638d002 eaecf7f3 f8f0f128 447b4b02
    5f5aad0c f7ff6818 bf00bfa7 001d7936 43f0e92d
    5f5aad1c 4d0cf2ad 9074f8df 4f1d4604 44f9ad01
    5f5aad2c 9000f8d9 f04f4e1b 447f0800 3000f8d9
    5f5aad3c f8cd447e e00e3404 f2404621 462832ff
    5f5aad4c f7f34414 2003eac0 46324639 f885462b
    5f5aad5c f7f383ff 4620ebd8 eac0f7f3 6f80f5b0
    5f5aad6c 490dd8ea 4a0d4623 44792003 f7f3447a
    5f5aad7c f8ddebca f8d92404 429a3000 f20dd103
    5f5aad8c e8bd4d0c f7f383f0 bf00eb1c 001d4072

    Any ideas?
  • Hi @Fill_os_OFF you can show your myAppActivity, app Gradle and Manifest for try of reproduce your bug
  • Hi @HubertRonald.
    Will appreciate any help!


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