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Can this mechanic be actually done?
  • neverjoy +1 -1
    Hello all. Is a mechanic like having a 3d background. while the character sprites are 2d can be done in gideros? by background I mean no animation and no physics, but can be moved(Land, trees, house, etc.), like the game Dragon Quest V DS version or Pokemon Games on DS, where when you move left technically background just moves right vice versa?
  • tkhnomantkhnoman +1 -1 (+1 / -0 )
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    Yes, it can.
    You just need to do camera manipulation for the 2d sprites, so they looks like standing.

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  • neverjoy +1 -1
    yes i can handle the sprites, 3d portion is the one that bugs me... will obj model with a skin enough for the purpose? or should i use mesh? can it be made like tilemap where the 3d portion(example, land not houses) is in tiles format?

    basically what i am after to is like the effect illustrated in attachment- when you move to the right you cant see much of the object's left side and the right side becomes more clearer.
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  • tkhnomantkhnoman +1 -1
    I'm not sure about the question.
    Well, obj model would also consist of mesh, so of course it would use mesh.
    Regarding made like tilemap, you should have some kind of the handler so it can convert any tile that drawn to 3d object itself.
  • neverjoy +1 -1
    thanks for the reply..
    with the mesh I mean, mesh created with gideros(coded) vs obj models made with 3d editors.

    you said to make some kind of handler. well, that's it! im nope-ing out. 3d seems way too much out of my league. might as well study the concepts first.

    thanks for the reply good sir!

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