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Something is wrong with my emulator... - Gideros Forum

Something is wrong with my emulator...

tytadastytadas Member
edited April 2017 in General questions
I'm trying to open the emulator, but when I'm pressing on the icon from task bar, nothing happens.. I can press as much time as I want still the emulator isnt turning on..

What should I do?

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  • piepie Member
    As emulator you are meaning gideros windows player? Try rebooting the system/ reinstall gideros / disable antivirus and firewall.
    A better description of your environment would help: which os, which gideros release, last working release.. :)
  • Welll I already tried everything you said.. Reinstalling didn't helped aswell..

    I'm using Windows 7 and the last Gideros release. It just somehow turned off.. I was able to use it, I don't know what happened, but I can't open it right now-_-
  • piepie Member
    It works on my Windows7, even if sometimes it starts "wrong". if you didn't change anything it should still work, I may only guess that something has been corrupted: try uninstalling gideros from Windows, then clean the registry with ccleaner(run it several times until it finds no issues), make sure that there are no gideros folders left in users/youruser/appdata (check each subdir), reboot and reinstall.
    I hope this gives you a clean environment.
    You could also check if something happened since the last time it worked using Windows event manager.
  • Thanks, pie! Will this affect my projects?
  • piepie Member
    No, unless you're saving them inside gideros folders.
    In appdata you may have something created by your projects though (like savegames or settings files - this is where |R| |D| and |T| folders are located: http://docs.giderosmobile.com/file_system.html)
    If you're unsure just back them up :)

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  • SinisterSoftSinisterSoft Maintainer
    edited April 2017
    @tytadas You may have made it auto-resize then full screen and windows has made it slide under the main screen.

    On windows...

    Make sure Gideros is closed, press CTRL-ALT-DELETE and then task manager (or press CTRL-SHIFFT-ESC on windows 7 to 10). Make sure GiderosPlayer is not running. Kill the task if it is.

    Press the command/windows key and R at the same time, this will bring up a run dialog. Type %appdata% then press ok

    The appdata folder will open up in a window.

    Look for the GiderosMobile folder, open it.

    Delete GiderosPlayer.ini then run the player again, it should appear.

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