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Chidorisen - puzzle game
  • kemine +1 -1 (+5 / -0 )
    Hey everyone, I think you'll like this puzzle game!

    You are given a diagram of lines that form a pattern and your task is to replicate it in the fewest amount of moves.

    These lines/strips can overlap in various ways, so finding the least amount of moves is not always an easy feat!



    Taking a look at a level from the first page:


    You can see that sometimes it's impossible to tell which block to place first. Which one is above which?

  • totebototebo +1 -1
    Cood idea. It found it very easy until level 5 when it turned impossible. :)
    My Gideros games: www.totebo.com
  • kemine +1 -1
    I forgot to link the video alongside :)


    An important tip is that which ever strip you're currently moving will always go over other strips. So that's why you can move the last strip over the first one.

    Kinda weird if you think about how this would work
    A above B above C above D, but then D above A
  • Nice Idea. Given 5 star on Google play. also edited link for you in first post

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