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android export missing some files, wrong paths or me?
  • pie +1 -1
    Hi I am trying 2017.3.1 apk export from windows7
    Everything is fine in windows player, if I export the signed apk
    my app crashes because it can't find maps/map1.lua in

    - which is there in my gideros project (AppData/Temp...) and in my "base folder".

    If I open the apk, under assets/
    I can only see some of the lua files I left in my project root, and there are no subdirectories, except for the one containing images and sounds.
    This is also confirmed by the content of allfiles.txt, where most files are missing too.
    Is this expected?
    there are no nAming IssuEs

    I am doing a Full Export, tried with and without encryption.

    Any advice?

    Everything else seems to be fine: after some time updating AS I got no error messages and the apk installs fine on the device and runs too, until it needs to load the map.

    Thank you :)
  • hgy29hgy29 +1 -1
    Wild guess: maybe you forgot to mark those Lua files as 'exclude from execution' in the right click contextual menu in gideros studio ?
  • pie +1 -1
    It may be: do you mean that the files which are loaded through loadfile should be excluded from execution?
    I will try later as I reach my laptop.
    Thank you :)
  • hgy29hgy29 +1 -1 (+3 / -0 )
    Maintainer Accepted Answer
    Yes, technically it ought have been done in previous gideros versions too. Excluding from execution means that the files are not executed as part of system init, and if your files are not meant to be parsed at init then you definitely should tick 'exclude from execution'.

    In 2017.3, all files marked as executed during init are compiled into a single lua file and no longer appear as separate in the exported project.

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