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Billing - manual consume would be handy
  • SckewiSckewi +1 -1
    I'm currently implementing and testing Billing in our upcoming game using a test account. So it acts like a real purchase but it's not charged. I've just made an item a non-consumable so that I can confirm restore works, which it does. But I have adjusted the code slightly and would like to be able to consume it and do the tests again.

    It's not coming up on the Developer Console, probably because it's a test purchase, so I can't refund it there.

    I seem to be stuck with the item, would be really useful to be able to just call consume.

    This is Google Play Billing, using the IAB interface.
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  • SinisterSoftSinisterSoft +1 -1
    behind the scenes with iab v3 on android everything is consumable, for non-consumables you just don't consume them.

    Did you test consume the item?

    If so then it should show up on your list of items, but consumed, so you can buy another one if you want.

    Google play will only let you buy an item if you have never had it before or if you have fully consumed it.

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